Thursday, October 20, 2011

Regaining my (in)sanity!

Oh man has it been a while!

A long, busy summer meant this photog was all work no play! With little free time I had few real opportunities for creative photography let alone blogging! But now that the cold seems to have come back its time for me to curl up infront of my computer and play catchup!

Tonight's job- recapturing my sanity, with a little insanity?

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Canon 5D mkII
Canon 17-40mm f/4L
1/6, f/4, ISO 100, -1EV

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Let it be known that the subject, Tianna and my now fiancee (more excitement over the summer) was completely willing to put up with this shoot in the middle of a Canadian fall rainstorm. In fact, it was her idea! 

We had been waiting a long time in order to shoot during the perfect storm and capture the interesting reflections that accompany them. This was also my first real shoot with my brand new Canon 5D mkII! (Even more summer goodness!) 

In order to retain the reflections the shutter speed was dialed down to 1/6s and aperture open to f/4. However, in order to expose Tianna properly some fill flash was required. This was provided by a Nissin Di866 off camera triggered by some new toys, Radiopopper PX. I can not say enough about these bad-boys. 100% reliability even in a cold rainstorm, with full TTL and flash compensation control. AND works with third party flashes like the Nissin Di866! Since the Radiopoppers merely convey the native IF signal the communication is flawless. 

My hats off to the Radiopopper team for these awesome triggers and Mike Fulton of Tricoast photography who pointed me to them.


  1. I hope you sanity has returned and you and Tianna have more time to do some photo-ops.

  2. Here's hoping! Still playing with the idea of possibly doing a Project 365...