Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blinded By the Light!

Often times dances at weddings are some of the most intimate or fun events at a wedding. Dramatic lighting during these dances and lead to some amazing images. Some of my favourite images from my first wedding were of dancers.

See fullsize image here

The above image was shot with a bare SB-28 speedlight behind the couple. I managed to position myself so that the speedlite was visible which gave the large lens flare, and the single light point outlined the silhouette of the couple very nicely.

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Lighting a couple to give an outline of the couple and a nice silhouette can emphasize the intimacy of the dance and give very moving images. The darkness of the background and the effect a single light gives makes it seem like the couple are the only people in the world.

The below images were lit by a single bare Alien Bees AB800 triggered by a Radiopopper JrX on the choir loft above.

See fullsize image here

See fullsize image here

My first wedding was so rewarding and an amazing learning experience! If you would like to see more from my first wedding, follow this blog!


  1. nice!

    just curious, any shots with ambient light?

  2. It was very, very dark in the venue. I don't think I have any shots of just the ambient light because it was so dark ambient was not very usable.

    Imagine this. Old church converted into a high-end dining establishment. After dark, so no light from windows and only mood lighting. Everything from this wedding had to be artificially lit.

    Thanks for the feedback by the way!