Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Big Picture

Probably the worst part about shooting any event (for me at least) is wading through all the pictures I`ve captured and I realize exactly how trigger happy I sometimes am. Fortunately, sometimes when shooting away you capture a moment whose significance is not completely clear (that is, until the dust settles).

Canon EOS 7D
Canon 200mm f/2.8
1/160, ISO 100, f/2.8

It ends up being like one of those annoying 2000 piece puzzles where every piece looks exactly the same. But once you put them all together it's beautiful.

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The above image was also captured at a wedding my fiance and I shot over the summer. Well, not quite at the wedding, at the wedding rehearsal (yet another reason not to throw out any photos!). The brother of the bride was relaxing on a bench in a well lit hallway scribbling furiously on a notepad when I turned and took the shot. Artistically, I thought it was fun, nothing more. Adding to the confusion were the words written on the page, seemingly nonsensical.

That is until the reception.

Canon EOS 60D
Canon 50mm f/1.4
1/400, ISO 400, f/1.4

He had been writing a speech, and not just any speech- a song. He had written a song that summed up his relationship with his sister, how he met the groom and how the family had accepted him and one of their own. The room was a mixture of furious laughter and a flooding of tears. 

The chorus, clear as day in the first image.

Sometimes it all falls together, you just have to make the pieces fit.

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